“This may or may not be worth your time.” Just kidding!

Before venturing onwards, I would like to state a claim that I am an undergraduate student. While I spent a hefty amount of time thinking, musing, analyzing, writing, collecting, researching, reading, evaluating, and headsmashing my keyboard in hopes for coherency and succinctness, there is still a lot of unexplored territory to what I’m exploring. Due to limited time and space, I chose specific areas and topics to focus on and analyze, mainly for the following reasons: 1. they interest me, 2. they suit the focus of my class: alternative media and social change, and 3. I am familiar with them.  From the start, my biases are seeping through.

The reason I chose to look at Hyphen Magazine specifically is because of my experiences here in America as an young adult who cherishes the dichotomy of her Chinese-Hong Kong roots and a Westernized sense of a lifestyle spent  and what I consider, a lack of exposure of Asian American media especially in mainstream media.  In my academic studies, I have not looked at Asian American alternative media and found this as an excellent opportunity to analyze a very fun, hip, a bit saucy yet socially aware magazine in my own backyard (San Francisco/Bay Area, California) that deals with the sort of things that I love: art, literature, food, photography, music, interesting and unique, stories and narratives, incredible reports on issues and concerns of the Asian American community.

Which is why, as the writer, these are the motivators that influence the stance I take in looking at Asian American culture, Asian American social issues, and alternative media.  I relate to them directly and thus, my criticisms come from an internalized view.  These criticisms will appear non-critical at times because it is difficult for me to not relate because this is what I know, this is what I have grown up with.  If I was not a 21 year old, urban-raised, middle-class Chinese American, perhaps this study would have revealed more critical reflections.

Those aside, please feel free to email me at rschan2atusfcadotedu or leave me comments here upon reading. Thoughts, critique, nods of agreement, shakes of disagreement are very much welcomed!



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