From groundwork, we build up to theoretical level, covering the following three areas:

Approaching Alternative Media

Alternative and community media has become an important field of study as well as a crucial means of information for many groups that are not connected to mainstream mediums. In America where population diversity exists in numerous neighborhoods scattered across the country, national media and state-run media cannot cover all the various interests…Read More

Ethnic Identity and Media Construction

As a crucial starting point before we narrow down our focus on one alternative media source, we should look at cultural critic Lisa Lowe’s essay on identity, “Heterogeneity, Hybridity, Multiplicity.” In her work, she expresses the concerns with lumping and grouping or “essentializing” Asian American identity…Read More

Fanon’s Assimilation versus Nationalism

In the same article, Lowe expounds on a discourse based on Frantz Fanon’s Les damnés de la terre (The Wretched of the Earth, 1961). While Fanon is referring to Algerian resistance to French colonialism, his treatise provides excellent insight on Asian American identity discourse, which is what Lowe suggests…Read More

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